Monday, January 31, 2011

An Introduction

Hello and welcome to my RPG Generators blog!

My name is Julie. Although Kelewen is the screen name I use on many RPG related sites.  (A screen name that just happened to be created with the help of a random generator!)   

I got into role playing when I discovered a fencing club not far from where I grew up and a new friend there introduced me to the idea of LARPing.   Well, I was immediately hooked.  From there, I've gotten into tabletop games with some of my favorites being MouseGuard, FATE, Swords and Wizardry, Traveller, and Castles and Crusades.  And free form play-by-post games are great too!

When creating games, player characters, NPC, and plot hooks, I've always found random generators to be extremely helpful to jog my imagination and get me thinking in new directions!

So my goal with this blog is first to pass along any interesting generators that are helpful for role playing games of any kind.   And secondly, to create a few of my own generators.   Because this is a new project for me, my first one will be relatively simple; a name generator.  More details on that to follow soon! 

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